Untouchable button?




Normally I wouldn’t ask help for something as small as this, but it is taking me too long. I am sure it is something very stupid that I overlooked. In the image attached you can see that I have an asset grid with two images (blue rectangles), on the second image I’ve placed a button (red rectangles). No matter the location of the button, I can not tap the button. As you can see, I even copied the button and placed it in front and after the image (just to be sure) but still nothing happens.

I had this in the experience for quite a while and never had this problem before. The only thing I did was change the images in the asset grid and then the button stopped working suddenly.

When I run the experience, I can definitely see the button but it doesn’t register my touch.

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Very hard to debug without checking the positioning/size of these elements in the scene :frowning:

Would be better to share your XP here or open a Support Ticket and share with Support Team.


Ok thanks Alex!