Sharing my XP: Storytelling with Multi-Touch Devices


I’m sharing this Intuiface experience (XP) as I’ve got several requests about how I went about creating the vertical menus featured in my YouTube video.

The goal of this XP was of promotional nature. I used it multiple times to pitch my consulting services to my main client, Microsoft. Therefore you’ll see Microsoft related content in it. I sanitized it and removed anything that might have possibly been confidential. The showcase section had many more examples that I had to remove.

I created this XP in late 2014. Since then, Intuiface has introduced features that made some of my scripts redundant. So what you see in this XP is old code, and most likely not the most efficient way to accomplish the same results today.

That said, I hope it’s helpful for somebody in this community.
P.S. Unfortunately, I’ll be unable to provide any support on this XP.

DropBox download link:

What asset provides this?

Thank you Paolo for sharing this XP with the community!

I confirm that thanks to the recently added Scroll Collection you could make quite a few things in a simpler way now.