PDF Viewer with a thumbnail navigator


I’m searching for a solution to display a PDF with a single page view. At the bottom of my screen should be a thumbnail navigator with the same pages included in the pdf. If I tap on these single pages the main PDF viewer should switch to that selected page. But there should be also the possibility to turn the pages in the main PDF viewer. I’ve tried to solve this problem with asset grids and the document viewer … Did anyone solve such a problem or have an idea …!!! Maybe it can be solved with single images not a PDF …



Just thought this might help, if you drag the PDF into the scene and want to get images of each page quickly you could head to /Documents>Images and you will see the PDF file you have dragged into your scene has been converted into bitmap images/png images.

You could simply have the document asset and an asset grid with images of the PDF document with triggers to go to a specific page.

Or alternatively if you are feeling adventurous you could put the images in a excel sheet with the page number and image location on which you have just grabbed from the documents folder.

  • Inset your asset grid
  • Add your spreadsheet
  • Right click the asset grid and then click “Data Feed” of the spreadsheet you have imported.
  • Add an image asset into the asset grid and bind to the image column of images.
  • Add a single trigger on the image>is tapped > PDF document > Go to page > Bind to the page number in spreadsheet.


If you still need help, Maybe one of the support guy’s will jump onto this if you need more help.

Or start a discussion here they will get back to you

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thanks a lot Louie … works fine … but i also want to interact from the PDF viewer to the Navigator. So the active page is highlighted … I know it’s not a problem to do that with triggers and actions, but is it possible to write these triggers/actions in some code in a loop for example? So this would work with 10 pages or with 100 pages. It would save much effort, if I will have a lot of viewers. I searched a template for that because I thought a lot of people would use such a simple document browsing … Cheers, Christian


Hi @hecker

If you did this inside a spreadsheet it would make it easy to do.

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