Image based on selected image from Asset Grid


I have an asset grid with several images. How can I get the image selected to show up larger on the same scene? Right now I use another scene that has the same asset grid shown on it and one of the pictures so every time the user picks a picture from asset grid, it jumps to the scene with that picture in full size. Make sense? But then you get that annoying flicker as it changes scenes. I want something smoother. Is there a more efficient way to do this? Can you set a trigger to automatically change the large image to reflect the smaller thumbnail selected in the asset grid?

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Hi @sphillips

You can add an Image object to your scene, make it as large as you need and do not bind it to any image. When a user selects an Image from the Asset Grid, trigger a “change image” on the new Image Object with the image that was selected. The large image will change anytime you select an image from the Asset Grid. You can play with the visibility if you do not want the Large image displayed all the time.

Hope this helps.


Thanks! That worked perfectly!