Experient ExpoCard / Bar Code System


Has anyone used the experient expo card system with Intuiface before?

I’m looking for any best practices or patterns for leveraging their (bar-coded?) badge system. They have developer access, and a sample endpoint, but I don’t see a clear/easy path to get from read on their device to trigger a localized/associated event at a station: say, pre-populating form data in Intuiface, or triggering personalized content.

Sample endpoint: https://developer.experientswap.com/APIv1/LeadInfo?apikey=CH52wdnXvgO-D3q1k1YJsK8eHubJwDIa966fIz6h43YrZV8Tdooq1xDZUm3GHQ__&actcode=0000000000000000&badgeid=0


Hi @david2,

We never used the “experient expo” system, so could you maybe explicit a bit more your usage scenario so we understand what you’d like to do?
My first understanding is that you need to scan a badge / qr code with a “device” (?), retrieve the associated ID in Intuiface and call their API using our API Explorer to retrieve the details of the scanned badge.
If this is right, can you tell us more about the “reading device”?



Thank you, Seb. It appears we have some flexibility in the reading device now. Experient has provided an API with JSON response upon submission of the event ID, user ID and surname initial, which may be read from the QR Code.

So now it appears the question would be - what is a good option for a QR reader for Intuiface? I’m guessing this would have to be a local network trigger interface asset.


Local network trigger is indeed the option with the best flexibility / control.

Another one could be to use a device such as a Zebra / Motorola DS457 that can be set to act as a keyboard when it reads a code. You can then use a Text Input to retrieve the scanned code.


Thank you for the tip Seb - we’ll look into the DS457!