Dragging content centre off screen


Hi all,

I’m new to Intuiface, and I’ve got a basic question about dragging content around. It seems that the centre-point of content cannot be dragged off screen - ie. if you try to drag draggable content beyond the left or right hand side of the screen, it stops at the centre-point. This usually isn’t a problem but I’m dealing with a very long image that I want users to be able to zoom into the bottom/top of which causes problems if the mid-point of the object can’t be moved off screen.

Does anyone have any ideas if the restriction can be lifted so objects’ centre-points can be moved off-screen?

Thank you!



Hello Oliver,

Actually, you can’t throw elements fully offscreen. Container set as Free still have a hardcoded constraint that prevent their center to move out of the screen limits in order to never lose it.

Maybe a Scroll Collection could help you ?




You may be interested in this related thread: https://community.intuilab.com/t/throw-images-offscreen-to-close-them/2986/6

I just updated it with a solution that may suit your needs.