What's up in community?


Hi Community. It’s (especially) a good day to have a good day because it is
Let’s reflect on some highlights and achievements from the last week, reset and recharge for the new week. Shall we?

As you’ve noticed, last week was a big one for us and a lot of things happened to Intuiface. Yes, to Intuiface not IntuiLab. We finally introduced our new brand identity with the new look and name. Along with it, we created an Instagram account so we can be even more “social” and interactive. So those of you on Instagam! Please do not hesitate to add us there.
(If you have something you want us to share on our social media, please send them to bomee.lafitte@intuiface.com).

That was not it. Thanks to our obsessed and devoted product team (:P) We also launched Intuiface 6.3 with many improvements and new tricks including the support for LG WebOS. You can read more about Intuiface 6.3 here and our re-branding here.

Best posts and accomplishments

  1. Zooming lens effect
    Last week, @andrea asked “Has anyone ever created a sort of lens contained in a circle that if moved over an image makes a zoom?” (example here)
    Thanks to the help form @melvyn_br @amartin @Alex, now we all share some good tricks to add zooming lens effect over images. If you are curious how this works, read more here.

  2. Sliding Tile Puzzle
    @bgroff’s request on tips for creating a “sliding tile puzzle game” brought us back to a great tip once shared by @tosolini. It’s an unsupported XP but one of our favorite Intuiface experts @tosolini made it happen (as usual;)). Here’s the tip.

  1. How to communicate across 2 screens – a question by @clamm
    They say the art of asking questions is more valuable than solving problems. And so is this one! (Thanks @clamm for bringing this up.) Now we all know one way to do this is by running a multi-screen display single experience and another way is by running 2 experiences on 2 players and using remote actions. Read the topic [here].

Thanks again everyone for all your valuable questions and tips.
Now Let’s create something amazing this week!