Unwanted gray rectangles on iPad experience


You know how when you use buttons in an Intuiface experience, you get visual feedback when you press the button? The button becomes dark gray for a second when you press it? Well these gray rectangles are sticking around on a couple of our iPad experiences. We have about 50 iPads running intuiface, but this problem is only on two of them, and coincidentally they are side by side in an exhibit. PLEASE SEE PIC BELOW…

This happens about once a day. Closing the player and reopening fixes the issue, but we’d rather not have to do this on a daily basis. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance for your help!


It was just pointed out to me that we are using Guided Access on the iPad (which is what the top and bottom gray rectangles are from in the above pic - they are supposed to be there)… But the three side by side ones are unwanted. Could this be guided access and not intuiface??


Hello Ron,

I recommend you to open a ticket on our Support Site so we can investigate.

Support Team will probably ask you to share your XP with xp-for-support@intuiface.com so you may want to do that just after creating your ticket.