True GPS Position From Android Tablet


Hi Guys,

We are working an a wayfinding app that integrates a third party mapping application mapwize.

We are working on the best way to integrate this into intuiface (Custom Javascript / API etc)

A couple of questions.

  1. Is there a way to get the true location data from android (rather than the ISP location) from the system details asset.

  2. When a luanch the mapwize page inside a browser on the tablet I get GPS positioning. When I launch it inside a browser asset inside intuiface I don’t. Is there a known issue (apologies if I’ve missed the documentation) or a workaround for this?




You can use the System Info Interface Asset to get the Latitude and Longitude of the device location if it has its own hotspot working.

You can check this by creating an experience and bind two Text assets to the Lat & Long.

Or are you suggesting that you need the location on a mobile data connection 3G/4G




Hi @ben1,

I confirm that currently, Intuiface does not use the GPS information to compute the location of a device. This is something that could be done through an Interface Asset + an evolution of the player for tablets. It’s not planned at the moment.

Regarding the web browser asset, it seems that Android doesn’t give access to components such as the GPS without explicitly providing some permissions. My colleagues from the product team will investigate and evaluate if this can be added to our Player for tablets.



Thanks Seb,

Any known workaround in the meantime? Is a custom JavaScript asset an option. Or are you saying player for tablets will need an update as well?

At a pinch we could do this with beacons to give a rough location binding but there will be a lot of beacons required


Ben Silla


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Hi Ben,

The product team added a task in our roadmap to enable this geolocation access to the web browser. Meanwhile, I can’t give you any release date on this point.

Regarding the IA approach, we do have internally one that works on iOS. It still need some work / debug / tests so that’s why we didn’t release it, as it was not a priority nor a request so far.
I tested it on Android and don’t get any result, so it would definitely require some more debug / dev work.

I’ll send you more detailed info through a pm.