[Success] Printing in Intuiface


We’ve just had 100% success in printing a document from an XP, no additional windows opened and looked like a seamless XP.


Care to tell?


Hi @melvyn_br,

We’d all love to know more about the method you used :slight_smile:


Well @Seb, I used the Share to Folder asset and then a custom script to print off that folder.



I used a software like http://www.technocomsolutions.com/Batchprinting.htm to create a hotfolder and 5 sec to 5 sec the software search in a folder to see if there is a new file then print (after print it delete the files)

One question is the Hotfolder (or watchfolder) can be uploaded with the XP from composer to player or it have to be set in the local machine?


If anyone is interested, we’ve been using a custom interface asset for the last year to print from IF. Contact me if you’re interested in purchasing/licensing the custom interface asset.


You could also consider building a small sample that would include your custom Interface Asset and post it on the Marketplace :slight_smile:


Hey Marcelo,

I try to use Batch file printing solution. But everytime, a pop-up appear with “file can’t be delete, he is use with another program” Have you the same problem?


Hi Kevin,

Sorry after writing this I got a little disappointed with the software. I changed to https://www.foldermill.com. It is a very easy sofware and I did not have any problem with it (Just assigned a hot folder and tell intuiface to save in this folder. After the printing foldermill automatically either delete the file ou move to another subfolder).


Hi Marcelo,

thank you I try foldermill, it work perfectly. but the pricing is not the same ^^.


I looked at Foldermill and it sounds an interesting (yet fairly expensive) solution. Thanks @marcelo for suggesting it.
I’ve a scenario where a user favorites a bunch of exhibitors on a wayfinding app, then they can decide to email / print the list. The list is a dynamically populated Rich Text field, which doesn’t have a share capability like other media assets. My challenge is to identify an elegant way to print this list.

FolderMill would require the ability to save the content of a Rich Text field from Intuiface to a RTF (or TXT) file in a hot folder where it can be processed. I haven’t been able to figure this out yet.

An alternative could be using solutions from Epson or HP that assign an email address to a printer. But if you want to use a smaller USB printer, things may break.

A dedicated IA asset like @art describes might be the cleanest solution. Does that work with text fields?


Hi Marcello and Kevin
I also tried the solution from Technocom Solutions (Batch Files Printing) and had the same problem. It was trying to delete the file and at the same time printing it.
However the company in India has given me fantastic service through TeamViewer and fixed the problem for both Windows 10 and 7.
Now works like a dream and a lot cheaper than Foddermill. Also found it important to set a trigger to “clear the sharing queue” in the “Share via Filesystem Asset”. Otherwise it will continue to add an extra “Snapshot” to the Filesystem Asset and sending two, then three, then four…etc for printing.
Trust this helps someone


Naseem here, I have sent you a message via http://studio56productions.com/contact, need your assistance for custom interface asset to print a coupon.





I think you emailed the wrong company, our company’s web is www.inspirationtech.in.

I can help you with this still though, however, it will take a bit of time to do and also involves a bit of cost.




Naseem here, I have sent you a message via http://studio56productions.com/contact, need your assistance for custom interface asset to print a coupon.