Poll & Results



Just a quick question, is it possible to have two experiences one that has a questionnaire/poll and another experience (different player) showing the results?

Imagine it can be done with a database, but just wondering if someone has done this before and how easy it is.




Hi @jamesroseuk,

There are several ways of achieving this scenario with IntuiFace. Let me give you 2 examples:

  • Using an existing server as the back office and REST web services. Player A would call a web service to send the results to the server, Player B would read the info from that server using another web service.
  • using a simple Excel file as your “database” and a third-party synchronization tool between the 2 player machines. Use the update cell / update row actions of Excel on Player A to update the poll results, then read the content of the Excel file on Player B, as explained in this recorded webinar



Hi Seb,

Had a quick scrub through the webinar (I’ll come back to it) and looks very comprehensive, thought I was wondering if I can use Player B to generate a bar or pie chart?




You can check this article to see how to generate a bar chart. Note this will only works on Player for Windows at the moment.


Brilliant, thanks again! :slight_smile: