Player and Experience Scale


Apologies in advance if this sounds like a complete n00b question, but I’m really only looking for verification.

I was building our experiences at 4k because sometimes we run it thru the embedded player in Composer at various sizes depending on the show and what we can get for monitors at the various shows. Although it is resource intensive, the player embedded in Composer seems to scale the experience to play at the touchscreen monitor’s native resolution fairly well.

Recently I tried to run the experience using the standalone Windows player, but discovered that it would ONLY run at the res that the experience was built at – which was 4k. Unfortunately the monitor was 1080p and only a quarter of the experience was showing on screen. :scream:

So, does this mean I have to keep separate versions of the experience at different resolutions if I intend to use it with the standalone player and don’t always know what resolution screen it will appear on?


Hi David,

the issue you are mentioning should not happen. The windows player (as well the other players, BTW) always uses the full screen except for H/V black strips above/under or on the sides of the screen.
However it does happen if you change your screen resolution without quitting your windows session and logging again. Could you check that you are not is such case?



Well, I’m not sure if that was the case or not. The computer went out to a show and has yet to return. I’ll test it when it gets back.

In the mean time I put player on one of our other development machines and it seems to scale to the monitor on that machine just fine (confirming what you said) BUT I can’t get it to play on the correct screen of a dual screen set up, no matter which screen I launch it from.

The splash screen for Player will launch on the correct screen and the dashboard to load the experience will load on the correct screen, but the experience itself loads on the wrong screen. Even tried changing which is the primary screen with no joy.

Gah! If it’s not one thing, it’s another.


Never mind. Just figured out that it’s only COMPOSER that allows you to dictate which screen you launch from based on where the app or link is.

Player will only ever launch from the leftmost screen set up in your multi-display arrangement. I suspect this is so that it has a standard origin for environments where the experience may span multiple screens? I’m tracking now. :smiley:



Hi Christophe,

So I got the computer back from the show, and I tried for an hour to figure out why player won’t scale down the experience to the size of the screen without success.

Here’s our setup: Laptop running Win7 Ent. Laptop running with a 2560x1440 touchscreen attached. The native resolution of the laptop screen is 4k, but is set to 2560x1600 (4k on a 15" screen is so small it’s barely readable).

When I launch a 4k experience in Composer it scales to whichever screen I launch it on, no problem. When I launch player I only get a portion of the experience visible on screen. If I change the arrangements of the screen, so that the touchscreen is on the left, I get a bigger portion of the screen, but still only a portion. If I try to run the experience thru player on one screen only I can not ever get it to scale to the one screen regardless of whether I change the res and log out as per your original response – or even if restart the machine.

The ONLY way I can get the experience to “shrink” to the dimensions of the screen is to set up the monitors to mirror each other.

The crazy thing is that the same experience running on a desktop machine under Windows 10 behaves perfectly as it should. Unfortunately the laptop is what we use to run the show. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be an issue.


Hi David,

Thanks for your analysis. This kind of feedback is very useful.

I just did a simple test with the player on 2 similar setup, one under win7 the other under win10, both with 2 fullD screens and an XP created with a 32/9 ratio (that’s 2 16x9 side by side).

In the first case, under win7, the XP launched from a player is always displayed on the 1st screen, with a black stripe on the left (ie near the second screen) of around 400 pixels width. F11 expand the experience on both screens.

In the second case, under win10, when the XP is launched it is displayed properly and F11 works properly too.

So yes, I confirm that there is an issue somewhere between IntuiFace and win7 which prevents displaying an XP correctly on one screen on a 2 screen setup. However you may try pressing F11 several times. It will circle between different sizes and arrangements. They are chances that after 3 or 4 times, F11 will display the experience correctly on the screen on which it was initially launched. Not sure if this may help you in your case…

I notice the issue, and we will try to solve this issue in a future release, but I cannot give you any plan for the moment.



You can use an old version of a window because its is driver is not work for latest. I have old laptop and my touch sensor has become error when I install new version of window then I call technecian by going to and they solve my problem