Monday updates - Aug 20th


Hi Community. It’s a new Monday!
Let’s reflect on some highlights and achievements from the last week and reset for the new week. Shall we?

New Opportunities
@jamesbusby is looking for someone who can help him making an Intuiface experience presenting a series of videos, pictures and games. You can find the post here.

New testimonials and success stories
We have a new testimonial shared by another happy customer, VECTRA VISUAL. It’s a creative agency located in the US that has been working with some big clients like NIKE, the North Face and Sephora.
VECTRA VISUAL thinks you can do almost anything on Intuiface with the API Explorer. SO TRUE!

VINSON consulting, an IT services and creative technology services specialist in LA also shared some compliments on Intuiface’s no-coding and content flexibility aspects. Also SO TRUE!

Aviation Pavillion at the Museum of Flight brings Aviation to Life through Visual Storytelling and Tour Guide Empowerment
Did you catch the lastest success story of the Museum of Flight in Seattle? If you missed it, check out here how the digital innovation using Intuiface is taking the museum experience to a new level.
the team also worked with @tosolini to incorporate realistic 360 degree interior view of planes.

Don’t forget! if you have some compliments on Intuiface or success stories you would like to share, please let us know! All the customer testimonials and success stories are shared on our website and social media channels.

Some new HOW-TO tips

  1. Do you know how to exit an experience without closing the entire player using the Exit action? (a question from @nicholas.vanbeylen)
    Once an experience is running in Player on iPad and Android, a user cannot exit that experience and return to the Experiences Panel unless either the experience or Player is configured to permit it. Check out here how to make that configuration here.

  2. Random question quiz? (a question from @sikes)
    Do you know how to create an Interface Asset that enables random selection of an item? This is a trick that can be useful for experiences such as Random Question Quiz that @sikes is working on. You can find the trick here.

Please check out more tips and discussions in the Help from Community category and of course, do not hesitate to ask questions and share your know-hows.

Thank you all for your participation and contributions!
Let’s create something amazing this week!