Mailing an Experience


I wish we could mail an entire experience to a customer. While it is great to show off an experience to a customer during an in person interaction, it would make sense to share the entire experience with the customer for his/her browsing at leisure. More importantly it has a potential to go viral if it can me mailed across in some format where the content is interactive. We cannot ask customers to buy licenses of IntuiFace as much as we would love to :smile:


Hi @shouvik_banerjee,
That’s actually already possible, IntuiFace enables easy sharing - a frictionless method for sharing experiences with colleagues and clients. No need for your users to create an IntuiFace account. No need for manual license entry. Just give them a URL.

Read about it in detail here.


Thanks for the quick reply @Anastasia Will try this out…hope it works across Mac and Windows


The URL will work on the following Player-supported platforms:

  • Windows
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Chrome OS