Is Kinect still a usable solution with IntuiLab?



Hi All.
We’re looking for a stable solution for a simple slide show with Kinect.
I see Intuilab supports it and I remember seeing it working well in the past, but as the drivers are now dated 2012, with all latest updates on Composer and Windows (so many drivers!!!) I’m wondering if we can still rely on a stable motion sensing solution.

Any experience?


Great question. I’ve been dying to use Kinect as well. I think things left off where the newer version of Kinect platform is not supported.

Support for this would open up doors to interacting with screens through outside windows, interactive waiting rooms, etc. It’s an open market for many interactive products.

Sorry I’m no help, I’ve not ventured to try it because I didn’t want to try to work with unsupported platform. But I’m going to follow this discussion because I share the same interest as you!


ive asked a few times about this and leap motion but had very little back on the community pages. As far as i’m aware neither are now supported (there is open source code available on git hub but that was for previous releases of IF)
i’d love to be able to get it working so please let me know if anyone gets anywhere with it!


Leapmotion is good only for very short distances, so I don’t really see the value. Kinect could be great if well supported.


Hi @roberto.vergani,

As indicated in this article, Kinect is no longer supported but as stated @AlexB, we open-sourced the code on Github for those who still want to work with a Kinect device.