Intuilab Alternatives



We are required to produce 2 alternative quotes for finance team from similar softwares, before we can purchase Intuilab and the player. Can someone give us some ideas?



Hi Paul @p.sheehan,

As a member of the IntuiLab team I can’t tell you much about our “competitors” except that from our point of view, the biggest competitors for IntuiFace are “teams of developers that would code an interactive app from scratch”. For these kind of quotes, you also have to take into account the price of any modification made to the app after delivery. In our case, the final client can do it on its own using Composer. In the other case, they would have to contract again with the developers to make the modification.

Any feedback from IntuiFace users is welcome here.



It might be worth talking with your Finance Team again. I’ve had a similar issue before, but eventually found we could complete a ‘single source supplier declaration’ that basically states we can get this software from only one supplier.