IntuiFace projects at tradeshows


In this thread you can post photos of your IntuiFace experiences in tradeshows.


This experience was on Xerox’s booth at NRF 2016!


This one was at Gitex 2015 created by TechRobotix and deployed in 50 locations :muscle:

Another One at Gitex 2015 on Samsung’s booth! Does that experience seem familiar :wink:

The Force was with USCandy at ISE2015 for their star wars themed-vending machine

Art multi-touch experience on LG’s booth at ISE 2015 to showcase their 4K multi-touch device

Samsung loves us :wink: This was at at Digital Signage Expo 2015.


IntuiLab made an appearance at the ISE2016 show!

This is what it looked like:


And we are still there until Friday! Come and visit us on the LG booth :smile:


We published a 4 Screen, 4 machine display at 2016 Ashrea show highlighting 20 of our clients large HVAC units all modeled in 3D. While the typical vendor at the show can only bring 1 or 2 machines because of their size, we utilized the amazing technology IntuiFace had to offer and we provided 20 units for our clients. The line ups on the screens were 8 people deep. Everyone was waiting for a turn to try them. We had to custom build some high end super fast Intels to keep this Experience running as these models demanded lots of power.


Nice, @sam! Thanks for sharing these :smile:


An IntuiFace mutli-touch experience at the GVision booth, DSE 2016


Not a tradeshow but several 60" touchscreen systems installed at Airports :sunglasses:


We created a trade-show presentation to help debut a new guitar product at a major music convention in California: