Interface Assets - Local to Scene


I’m not sure about all the implications of this - but let’s have a discussion.
What if the Interface assets were only local to a scene, instead of global across the xp?

For those new to intuiface, here’s an example of what I mean. I can create an “comparison” IA in scene A, where one of the values is bound to the Y coordinate of an object, like a rectangle. Then I can set a value, so that if the rectangle is scrolled past a certain coordinate, it triggers something to happen.

If you create another scene, Scene B, and want the same thing to happen to a rectangle…Your original comparison IA follows you to the new scene, but the binding for the coordinates still reference Scene A. You would need to make a new Comparison IA for Scene B’s rectangle. In my current case, we have 6 displays…which means I need to have 6 different IA’s for every function that I want to do within a scene. It can get messy.

All in all, it makes perfect sense the way that it is set now…so there are no issues. I’m sure that having the IA’s global can make things more efficient. But don’t you think there is more of a demand to have an IA affect the local scene, than be global for the possibility of affecting other scenes? What if you can start with a blank slate of IA’s for each scene? Or when you make a new scene, ask the user if they want the IA’s to copy over?

As I write this, I’m getting over a cold. So let me know if this needs more clarification. But I’m curious to what others in this community think. Thanks!


What if there were Global IA’s and Scene-based IA’s? For example, system info and global variable would be global IA’s. But maybe Excel, Comparisons, and some others are only local to the scene…and the user is asked if they should be duplicated when new scenes are created?


Interesting topic Alex. Thanks for your contribution. - hoping to get more input on this.