Get hired as an Intuiface Expert or Find one


Hi Community. Just a reminder for those of you who are missing out on our Intuiface Expert Program that’s open for anyone seeking or offering opportunities.
Through the network, you can either find independent Intuiface design services or get hired as an expert.

You can find here a complete guide to become an Intuiface Expert as well as a very well explained guide to doing business with Intuiface.

Let me know in comments if you have any questions!



Hi Bomee, please also add that a user needs to have a composer annual license to be listed on the intuiface experts page…


@melvyn_br Hi Melvyn. It’s already there;)

-from the webpage-

To qualify as an Expert:

  • Demonstrate Intuiface skills through published work (work can be privately shared with Intuiface)
  • Possess an active, annual Premier or Enterprise-level Composer account
  • Earn at least a Bronze badge (see below)
  • Be a legally registered business in their country of origin



Hi Bomee, yes I saw that, its just sad that even though you’re an expert at intuiface but dont have the license, you cant be listed …


Hi Melvyn! The leading reason for requiring a Premier or Enterprise-level account is to help ensure the agency has incentive to act professionally with their own clients. Experts are proxies for Intuiface (the company) so if an Expert does poorly by a client, we can be blamed as well. (“I picked these guys because you, Intuiface, recommended them!”) So how can we ensure professionalism? A good way is by requiring an agency to have skin in the game. It’s a nice filter for keeping out companies who aren’t serious. Lots of partner programs have a fee for the same reason. We just figured a license is better than a fee so agencies wouldn’t be double-spending.



Hi Geoff… i understand… no worries


But hey, community can be a great space to share and show your expertise as much as the experts program and @melvyn_br honestly you are one of the super experts here already. I suggest you try to take advantage of Opportunities and Show & Tell categories as much as you can…



thanks Bomee.