External Program Start


I have another problem with Intuiface.
I have a Batch File with udp command inside (i can uploaded to you if you need ).
When i’am launching .bat or .exe from desktop file working,but from Intuiface nothing happens.
Is it possible that Intuiface blocking some ports (i’am using 4001) or just cant launch Batch Files with UDP?

Thank You!!!



I answered you on your support request. For other people who could be interested, here is a copy of my answer

Hi Michael,

There’s no reason IntuiFace would block a port and it can launch a batch file using the Launch application.
Could you please send us your batch file so we can test on our side?

In the meantime, we developed a quick sample that you can download here that sends UDP commands directly from IntuiFace.
We used PacketSender to test that messages are correctly received.

You could maybe replace your batch with some IntuIFace actions using the custom Interface Asset in that sample.


Hi Seb,

Some time ago I used the UDP sender to control an Arduino that moves an engine for an interactive experience and worked perfectly.

Currently, I’m trying to control some DMX interfaces (to synchronize lighting) that accept UDP commands to trigger different pre-recorded shows. The problem I have is that Intuiface is sending the character “” twice. I’m checking it with Packet Sender (photo attached). Is there any way to correct this? Is it possible to send HEX strings instead of ASCII?

Best regards,