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I am creating a customer satisfaction survey with Intuiface. I’m using toggle buttons so the customers can ‘check’ how satisfied they are with the company ( from 1 to 4). Furthermore, when the customer ‘toggles’ an answer, intuiface updates the corresponding cell with a number ‘1’ (otherwise it’s a ‘0’). When the survey is complete, I would like to save a copy of this updated excel file so I can send it to the marketing department later (when there’s wifi). This way the original excel file can be reset and used again for the next customer without losing the data of the previous one. I hope i’ve explained it well? Does anyone have recommendations for this situation?

So to conclude: how to save a duplicate excel file? Or how to export the updated excel file? Are there better ways to do this?

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Hi Nicholas,

You will need the following IF assets to achieve this:

  • Excel Spreadsheet with the following Colunms (Index, Questions, Answers A (Excellent), Answers B (Good) ,Answers C (Average),Answers D (Below Average) ,Points A, Points B, Points C Points C, Points D

  • Value Operator - Simple Counter

  • Pin board Collection with a data source of the spreadsheet. In the group you will need four buttons with the images of your answers like above. On each button you will need to add a trigger to each button:

  • (Is Pressed> Next Questions)

  • (Is pressed> Set Value> Simple Counter > Value of Points A)

  • (Is pressed> add one to simple counter)

  • (Is pressed> Update Cell > Row number> Index 1 - Value> simple counter count.

Once the steps above has been completed you should see the following result.

To send the spreadsheet at the end of each submission you will need to attach it to the share Que via the Share via Email asset.

Kind Regards



Hi Louie,

Thanks for the answer! What happens to the share que when you’re offline? Does Intuiface store a local copy of the updated excel somewhere?

Is there a possibility to ‘save as’ instead of ‘share via email’ asset?

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I think I found it: it’s called ‘share via filesystem’ (copy to any folder on my file system). I will try it a.s.a.p.

Thanks again!



Hi Louie,

It’s not working…May I ask how you add an excel document (that is not visible on scene) to the sharing que so I can save it in a specific destination folder?

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Hi Nicholas,

All you need to do is:

When the pin board reaches the last question(Index 5 in my case):

  • Add item to sharing que>URI> file path of the spreadsheet.
  • Share

Then you are done, and every time the questionnaire reaches the last question when the last answer is pressed it will save the excel to your location.

Kind Regards