Disable User-Swiping to Change Index in Collections


Haha, I know the title of this sounds weird. I was trying to think of an easier way to say it…but it would be awesome to disable the ability of a user to change an index of a collection by swiping.

But here’s the kicker - I STILL want the user to be able to interact with the collection item, and I STILL want to be able to change the index through triggers/actions.

Right now, the only way to stop a user from swiping through a carousel or asset flow is to un-check Allow Interaction with Item (or disable the interactivity of the carousel). But if your collection items contain buttons, they will also be disabled.

Thinks about this like a quiz. I create a collection of questions in an Asset Flow. In the Asset Flow, each item is a group that contains the question and multiple choice buttons for each answer.

I want the user to be held at one question at a time, and set triggers to change to the next question. But at runtime, I cannot prevent the user from swiping through all the questions. Unless I uncheck Allow Interaction with Item…but then this will disable my multiple choice buttons. See what I’m getting at here?

It would be nice to have a way to allow the user to interact with the collection item, but not change it’s index through swiping. That’s why I use the FlipBoard a lot for quizzes - because if you disable the ‘tap item to flip’ then you can hold the user on an index item until a trigger/action occurs that you want.

(Btw, I’m aware of a work around where you can put the quiz questions into an excel sheet and filter to each question, but this seems odd to keep filtering/unfiltering if you want to keep the neat animations of the collection)

Has anyone else thought about this?

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Hi Alex:

2 thoughts here

  • As you mentionned, the Flip Chart collection is a nice alternative that we used in our Quizz game sample.
  • You could think of putting the questions / graphics in the collection and disable interaction on this one and put the interactive part (button answers) in the front layer. A nice animation to make them appear after scrolling to the next question could make the illusion.



Agreed @Seb. It’d just be more fun to use something other than a flip chart :slight_smile: I’ve used the method of setting the interactive part on top of the quiz itself…but it always feels a little messy. I like to keep thing compartmentalized if possible.

These discussions are fun because I get to use words like “compartmentalized.” I think there should be a community medal for using words like that as often as possible.


It’s been over a year and I wanted to keep this thread alive!

This is still a feature of all collections that I would find useful. I’d like the ability for a user to interact with items in a collection (such as buttons within the item, for example) but not be able to manually swipe through the collection.

There’s many times I want to lock a user onto a specific item in focus, and use external methods such as buttons or bindings to advance the collection.

But maybe I’m the only one, haha. Hopefully not! :smile:


No you’re not alone Alex, you have 3 votes on your idea :smiley:

More seriously, I’ll forward this one again to our product manager but I wouldn’t count on it soon unless you convince lots of users to vote for you :slight_smile: