Crop or Mask an image? Basic design features?


I would like to mask or crop an image. It would be REALLY nice to be able to do this in Intuiface without having to create an entire new asset in Photoshop to bring into Intuiface. Am I missing something?

Along that line, if you will forgive a little bit of a rant, it seems like there are a LOT of these small, seemingly simple design tasks that are completely missing from Intuiface. Like kerning, leading, character spacing, image masking, cropping, transparency overlay styles, combining and subtracting shapes, just to name a few.

I’m relatively new to Intuiface. Am I just expecting too much of it? I’m trying to create as much as possible natively in Intuiface, thinking things will runs faster that way and also have more power to control things with actions, but I keep hitting design limitations. Is best practice just to design everything externally and then bring entire segments into Intuiface?


Hello Matt,

I confirm you Intuiface Composer isn’t a full featured design tool as Illustrator can be but rest assured we’re keeping it evolving on a regular basis and we are attentive to requests from our Community :slight_smile:

I’ve shared your request with our Product Team, meanwhile, I advice you to do all the “complex” design externally.




Hi Matt, I dont think intuiface was created to be a design tool (there are just too many of them out there), Intuiface is more on the interactivity side to create the end solution combining all the various multimedia stuff. What you mentioned above relates mainly to graphics, someone that works with video would probably want the option to use compression, change bit rate, etc. etc. Intuiface is not designed to to all of that, then it would be another graphics design tool.

This is meant to combine everything you create externally and add the wow factor that you cant achieve in other design tools by incorporating actions and triggers & interactivity.

Since, you’re new to intuiface, I think you’re expecting it to be more of a graphics design tool instead of an interactive tool