Create an API or Cache Management System which does not delete cache data when the player is Restarted



Hi, I would like someone to create a API for me. The process is that i am fetching CMS data from rest API, the data is downloaded in the cache and the experience works online until the player is restated it clears the cache. I need a custom API which can prevent this data deletion from cache so that if the player is offline or is restarted, the experience should show the cached data which was downloaded. And when ever the experience becomes online the data updates it self as well as the cache data from the back end.

If you are interested in this work kindly contact me. Its Urgent.


Hi @aakaash ,
I agree - caching of API data is one of my absolute-highest needs as well. I’ve been trying to keep discussions about this open for over a year.

I created a new topic so others can vote with us and hopefully gain a little more traction. Please vote YES on my post here, and help others to do the same. Thanks!

It’s here: API Cache & Offline Filtering