Content - Sensing Galleries for Excel Data


Maybe this is wishful thinking…but here it goes.

It would open up a lot of possibilities and save a lot of time - if a gallery created with an Excel file, could sense what content it contains…and add the necessary assets dynamically.

So for example…we could have an excel list with two columns 1) Name 2) Content. the “content” column would contain rows of different picture links, video links, HTML links, or simple text.

When the gallery is added to an XP, there may be a checkbox property called “dynamic assets”. When that is checked, it will fill in the assets required to visibly show each of the varying rows of content types with the content column.

(Essentially, I think it would be great to replicate the functionality of getting a feed from a local folder - where the gallery will show whatever is in it. But unlike a folder, the XP would know what content is contained, allowing us to set triggers/actions to manipulate the data)

It might be complicated - but definitely worth suggesting for IF designers like us with clients that demand content management. I’m open to suggestions/ideas - thanks!

Adding text to an image when opened

Alex, that is possible today with images, videos and documents if the media is stored locally and dragged in at the same time as the spreadsheet. It’s discussed here in the section named “New with IntuiFace Version 5.2.5”.

Would that be sufficient for your needs if it also supported other asset types like website URL and text?


Hey Geoff,
It’s pretty cool, I hadn’t seen this actually. I think the best scenario would be if the assets could be generated on the fly, whenever the Excel spreadsheet updates. That would be the absolute, awesomely-ultimate.


The team is working on something like this. Sort of a poor-man’s CMS where IntuiFace “notices” changes in the data source. Earliest would be fall time frame. We’ll let you know when it’s time to get input about what we’re doing.


That would be really neat to see this year. Happy to provide any input if needed.