Connect IoT buttons to IntuiFace


For this first Web Triggers example, we decided to address a scenario in which you can gather information without even having a touch screen!

Let’s imagine you want your audience to vote for a car at an auto show, or you want children to answer some multi-choice questions at a museum, or you’re letting shoppers take a survey to win a coupon. Sounds like a good opportunity for using big physical buttons, no?

This scenario is now not only possible but pretty easy to set up using the new Web Triggers feature introduced in IntuiFace 6.2.

We chose to use the connected buttons from myStrom, purchasing both their WiFi Button and their WiFi Button Plus. This choice was driven by the fact they have an IFTTT Service that simplifies a connection with the IntuiFace IFTTT service.

image image

Enough words, just have a look at the video below to see how it works! This is NOT hard to do.

Here are some other buttons we spotted on the net that could do the job as well:

Tell us what you’d do with these buttons or any other connected objects you can use with IntuiFace & Web Triggers. :slight_smile:

Buzzer integration

IFTTT triggers always take a while to go off though, as shown in the video. And you’d need to make sure the batteries on these devices stay charged. Have you seen any examples using a locally-connected USB type button? A Griffin PowerMate could be a good option, but they are a bit expensive.


Hi Josh, We have used a lot of USB connected sensors (distance, buttons & touch) using


Hi Josh,

As mentioned by @mauricio, the Phidgets are a good option since you can use them directly with IntuiFace as explained in this article.