Combining with traditional digital signage



How can I use the innovative use of HTML5 in IntuiFace and embedded in 3rd party signage offerings as an HTML5 widget? I’m looking to create an experience within another android / windows based digital signage software.


Hi Shameer,

Could you tell us about the Digital Signage software you are using?
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Hey @shameer, often times digital signage platforms will publish their presentations to a URL. It’s very easy to simply point a web browser in IF to that URL to play it. You can also set IF to refresh the page if needed, when new content is available. I’ve done this before with Rise Vision, but there are some limitations.

Or, you may be able to have IF open the local player software and play the real platform on the display. However, closing the platform and going back to IF may require some strategic thinking or programming. You may be able to set a scene as transparent, and show the looping signage channel in the back. Then set hidden buttons on top to close the program. It should work…in theory lol.