Are you missing a specific localized keyboard in intuiface?



in July 2015, with IntuiFace v5.0 we introduced more than 30 localized keyboards. We based this technology on open source software Virtual Keyboard. It provides more than 150 different keyboards for different languages and layouts.

We did not provide all possible keyboards (they are far too numerous). We focused on major languages and more frequent layout. We did some (possibly arbitrary) choices.

If you think you miss one localized virtual keyboard, please let us know. We may add it in a future release.

NB: these keyboards are not used in IntuiFace on iPad or Android Tablets, as Tablets provide their own specific layout, depending on the current language used on the tablet.



Hi Christophe,

Well, we have project where we need Croatian keyboard layout so please let me know if we can do it by ourself (and how) or when can we expect to have in in future releases.

Thank you.


@velibor apparently in their is no croation keyboard.
However there is one in (select “Croatian (Hrvatski)”)

Can you check that this is the keyboard you are expecting?

I will see with my dev team if this can be added to the product).



“Croatian/Hrvatski” is layout we need, yes.
Do you know when would it be added to the product since I have project due in three weeks where I don’t have workaround to solve Hr keyboard layout.



I added this request in our ticketing system. I expect to have more info next monday end of day.



Hi @velibor,

good news, the croatian keyboard will be included in our next release on windows 5.4.1 (planned by the end of this week) and on tablet (a bit later)