API Cache & Offline Filtering


To me, this would be the biggest advancement of API explorer and all of Intuiface - we need API explorer to be able to cache data, and have the ability to sort/filter that cached data without making extra API calls.

This would hopefully give the ability of XP’s to:

  1. Filter & Sort much faster, ideally with real-time autocomplete as your phone does
  2. Run offline without data loss or ‘frozen’ data.

If you’re with me, please vote this up!

  • No, don’t need it

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(by the way, I don’t want to downplay this as something easy. The goal of this forum is to voice our needs. I know there’s a lot to consider when trying to build this. Many API’s have different rules in terms of pagination, records per call, and restrictions on duration cached data can be held. HOWEVER, Intuiface developers have proven unbelievably smart, and even if there’s certain restrictions/rules to follow, I feel they can tackle this challenge no problem)

Create an API or Cache Management System which does not delete cache data when the player is Restarted


It would be good so you would not need to make as many calls, so for example two calls a day to update data within an XP.

Good Idea.

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Yes, we are with you Alex (and Louie) on this one: that’s something we identified as a logical next step right after we released the API Explorer, and we definitively have these features on our roadmap. Our ambition is to provide the same sorting/filtering capabilities to the cached API data that you already get with the Excel IA…

Stay tuned,


Awesome! Thanks @Vincent. I’d jump for joy with this functionality :slight_smile:


Thanks Alex for posting this again, and yes, I voted for it as well :wink:


Thanks Seb! (I couldn’t find my other post, so I figured it’d be good to throw out the idea again)