Adding a transition builder or adding GSAP


Hi there,

Not too sure if this is a feature request or a question, but being a web designer, I’ve noticed that the web is gaining alot of animation. Wether it’s transitions between sections or micro interactions, the web has evolved rapidly in the last 2 years. We’ve started to intgrate GSAP (GreenSocks), scrollmagic.js and barba.js to further animate our websites and make them more stunning. Even with our immense design talents, we feel we are a bit limited to Intuiface’s animations. Especially transitions. Just take a look at some sites on Dribbble has a couple of stunning ui’s, transitions and animations.

Could there be a way to add a transition builder/designer with ease of use or a way to add scrollmagic.js and barba.js and trigger scenes with them?

This would definitely bring the user experience to another level and also bring Intuiface to meet new web standards.