Removing double values when adding filters in Intuiface




I will try to explain this with an example from Excel. As you can see in this example I have 3 categories. When I go to the top of a column, I can add a filter. Excel automatically creates a sort of dropdown menu with available options. In which there are no double values, there is only 1 option of “Jan” or 1 option of “Max” for example.

This last part is what I would like to achieve in Intuiface. I know how to create a dropdown menu and I also know how to add a filter but when I do this, Intuiface doesn’t filter out the doubles (like excel) It just shows me the entire category/ column.

What can I do about this?

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Hi @nicholas.vanbeylen,

You need to create a 2nd sheet that will contain these unique names, as demonstrated in this webinar.



Yes thank you, you are right. Excel also has a feature for removing doubles, which is what you’ll want to use with big Excel files.

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