Push content to Social Media? (Facebook&Twitter) (10)
Turn off data tracking from Management console (4)
Player Status Emails - Active Hours Only, and Mute Feature (1)
No Results Found trigger (1)
API Explorer returns bindable count (3)
API Explorer ---> Excel Database (3)
API on ipad (4)
Intuiface to Accept CSV File Type (1)
Button Shapes - Not a Square (3)
Open item behaviour from asset library inside scroll collection (2)
Excel row number (1)
Facebook Feed (4)
Multiple Web user with Role Management (2)
Green Screen functionality (12)
Saved filenames (6)
Container size to fit text size (3)
Possibility to remove a device from the blacklist (1)
Reading JSON File (4)
Management Console Button Request (1)
Integration with this www.IFTTT.com so apps could be connected with Alexa commands and more (19)
FPS Counter (4)
Box2D Phyics Engine (1)
Schedule a PC restart (4)
Player for Tablets, postpone the sending of an e-mail until a network connection is established (1)
Web browser scroll offset action (1)
Bind to Web Browser asset scroll bars (1)
Style Web Browser asset scroll bars (1)
Debug readout in composer preview (2)
Animated SVGs (2)
Secondary Account Share Via URL (1)