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Management Console - Redesigned :boom: (3)
January updates to API explorer and Share and deploy (1)
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IntuiFace v6.1 is out! (1)
IntuiFace Version 6.1 Beta - Ready for download! (2)
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New version of Management Console now available for beta testing (1)
New 64-bit beta of Composer and Player - with major performance improvements - now available (1)
64-bit *beta* version of Composer and Player for Windows now available! (10)
New Sample Experiences, Ready For Download (1)
IntuiFace version 5.7 is out! (4)
Our Support Website - Redesigned! (3)
Google Analytics connector (1)
New interactive mini-games available on the marketplace :tada: (1)
"Funky Photo Booth Experience" our first Premium Sample (1)
IntuiFace version 5.6 aka "The Designer Release" is here! (1)
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Major change to the Map Collection (2)
IntuiFace on BetaPage :thumbsup: (3)
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